Last Update:  August 10, 2019
The review page is now been redesigned and streamlined so 
that you can get an independent viewpoint of customer support and video quality that you can 
expect before sending money.

Even the companies that I give my highest rating to should NEVER
send money [CASH]:Honest sites do not want cash through the mail.

All of these companies have absolutely safe mailing return 
addresses. I have several tapes from each of these companies. I purchase the tapes\CDs under a 
"pin name" to guarantee that the quality will be the same as what you get when you 
purchase videos.

The following companies I have not got videotapes from however, 
I am a member of these pages: is a site with both videos and 
images online. They update daily. There is no nudity but the material is hot! The girls are hotter. 
The Footboy is a full time, full service slave. The webmaster makes contact with in 24 hours. I 
recommend this site.

If a company is not listed here above, you should not assume 
that I have a negative feeling or review of the service. Any company that has a banner on the feet 
page has a positive review from me and I support the service.

I have tried to work with this company and they stopped 
responding to emails.  I no longer support these sites.  These sites:,,, and others linked under their brand updates twice a week. Truly sad to 
see a site brake contact.  I can't verify updates anymore.

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